The main goal of Micron sales strategy has always been to select all over the world products featuring a high technological profile in order to achieve the best results in the field of livestock feeding. Within this frame work, Micron has acquired over time important distribution contracts for the domestic market from leading producers, both Italian and foreign.

The research of new sources of raw materials and the development of new ingredients for its customers are put in place through a dialectic interaction platform between the producer and the consumer, based on the absolute relation with the provision of the necessary technical and scientific support.

Micron was established and started its activity in the mid ‘80s: presently it works with university professors, experts and traders in order to analyze and solve problems and satisfy the requirements deriving from the formulation and production of both the feed and food industries.

The know how acquired by Micron is in most cases developed through the production by third-party companies specializing in this field and having the necessary authorizations to achieve the final packaging of finished products with their own label.

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